Getting Around Addis Ababa

There are several options to get around Addis. The most accessible, but slightly pricey, way to move around is the Lada taxi (also called a ‘contract’ taxi). Ladas are small Russian-made cabs. They are easily recognisable on every street because of their distinctive blue and white exterior and are available in most areas for private hire. Make sure you agree on a price before boarding to avoid confusion or overpricing.

Getting Around Addis AbabaA more recent addition to the streets of Addis is the yellow ‘meter taxi’. Despite the name (and the presence of meters), these taxis operate just like Ladas – with a verbal agreement on the rate before the trip.


Ride is the biggest taxi-hailing service which has become the most convenient and affordable option of travel in Addis Ababa. The service is available in the city and rapidly growing its coverage to surroundng towns.


You can also jump on a shared minibus if you know where you are going. These are blue-and-white small minibuses and are an affordable and convenient way of getting around Addis. They operate between 5am to 9pm and costs vary between 2 – 10Birr.

Main starting stops include Piazza, Meskel Sq, Merkato, Arat Kilo and Churchill Avenue. Remember each minibus have a set route, so make sure to listen to the destination the helper yells out.

Light Rail

Lastly, there is a limited metro tram service in the city which can be ideal for some routes. It has two lines, one starting from Menilik II Square in the north to Kaliti in the south (Blue Line). The other (Green Line) starts at Torhailoch in the east to west. There are 39 stations in total and both lines  stop at St Lideta, Tegbaret, Mexico, Leghar and Stadium stations.

Tickets cost between 2 – 6Birr, depending on the distance you travel, and can be purchased at all stations.

East – West (Green Line)

Ayat, Meri, C.M.C, St Michael, Civil Service College, Management Institute, Gurd Shola 1, Gurd Shola 2, Megenagna, Lem Hotel, Hayahulet 1, Hayahulet 2, St. Urael, Bambis, St. Estfanos, Stadium, Leghar, Mexico, Tegbaret, St Lideta, Cocacola, Torhailoch

North – South (Blue Line)

Menilik II Square, Atikilt Tera, Gojam Berenda, Autobus Tera, Sebategna, Abnet, Darmar,St Lideta, Tegbaret, Mexico, Leghar, Stadium, Meshwalekya, Riche, Temenja Yazh, Lancha, Nefas Silk 2, Nefas Silk 1, Adey Abeba, Saris, Abo Junction, Kaliti


Buses are quite crowded and not recommended for travellers.